Pleasanton Tutoring Mobile App Design

Pleasanton Tutoring Mobile App Design


Pleasanton Tutoring Inc is a private tutoring company in Pleasanton, California. They are the top-rated tutoring company for the area and have won numerous awards for the quality of their tutoring and customer service. They serve over 500 students and manage 45 tutors with only two full-time employees.

Their current app is a dated WordPress SPA that is reaching the limits of its extensibility.

My Role: UX Designer
Tools & Methods: User Research, Testing, Wireframing and Prototyping


I began with researching how the principle employee uses the app on a daily basis with in-person observation, extensive interviews and recording screencasts of her using the app. From that research I identified three key opportunities for improvement and sketched some wireframes of possible solutions. After the initial sketches I created interface mockups based on the Ionic framework and then created some user flows with InVision based on those mockups.



The current app may be dated but it does keep a very successful business up and running, and with a limited development budget the project scope will only encompass the most essential features that improve client’s experience.


From the beginning of this project I knew that the developer’s preferred framework for the next app would likely be Ionic. By favoring convention over customization this framework allows a small development team to create a powerful app in a relatively short amount of time.