Scent Marker

Just finished up the design for a product idea I came up with several years ago. Still miss the smell of a good marker.

My plans are to include more design variations to include Copic and Tria.

Check back soon...

Sketchbook paintings

Some painting experiments I'm conducting in my sketchbook. These are Cachet Select Sketch Books - a great balance of quality and affordability. 

Unfinished Caracara color study

Unfinished Caracara color study

A few fun bird sketches

A few fun bird sketches

3D Sketching

Here is a quick test render of a scout vehicle design I've been working on. I used SketchUp to workout the mechanics of the legs as they transform from storage mode aboard ship to a rider-ready mode.

The render is rough but this was just to illustrate the function. I have since simplified the unfolding process, but I think this version would animate better in a game or film.

 Here are a few screenshots in MODO with temp textures:


I've added some of the content from an iPhone game I worked on a while ago. Expect some new graphic design work up soon...


Been putting more time in to understanding SubDs in modo. Really like the philosphy behind modo and really love the focus on perspective construction vs. quad view.

Here is a little first time test render of my Pop60's TV:



Alien Portraits

Just downloaded a trial version of Painter 12 and having a blast! I will put up a full review later. For now, here are some fun alien heads I've been doing using the new mirroring tools.


The Real 2B Pencil is probably the best digital sketching tool I've ever used.




Norm Schureman

While I was going through some old sketchbooks, I came across this sketch in the top corner of one of the pages. I remember very clearly what lead Norm to do this little sketch for me. I was doing a very halting and timid drawing of one of the amazing insects he had brought to class that day and he took out his pen and did this sketch in under a minute. He reminded me that I needed to break it down to basic shapes (I was essentially doing a contour drawing) and, of course, "draw thru" the form. He really did have a way of making something you were struggling with seem so achievable. It really did make my day to realize I have one of his sketches. Rest in peace, Norm.


MagicPicker color wheel 1.2 for Photoshop CS3/4/5

I cannot overstate the value of having this tool for any Photoshop painter. Since I last posted about MagicPicker, Anastasiy has made updates and improvements. Version 1.2 is rock solid (it has never crashed), fast and full of great features. Painting in Photoshop is so much more fun and intuitive when you're not constantly stopping to fuss with the default color picker. 

And you definitely can't beat the price! Check it out:



I prefer to have the color picker set to the square format and I keep it above my layers panel (see below).


Something I submitted a long time ago and had no idea was even still around until I did a Google search for my name.


"Using a watermark on your work is like peeing on your belongings so no one will steal them." - Thomas Amador